Destructible Labels

Tamper Evident Labels

Hologram Sickers

Heat Embossed Labels

Protects Your Brand From Counterfeiting

Fastroll Labels provide solutions to secure your product items with unique fingerprint on the product packaging. With the world’s only QR code per label, it helps protect physical goods from counterfeiting. Let’s build trustworthy brand and increase brand reputation with security labels that contain security elements. Authentication is made with a mobile phone without the need for other device.


To combat drug counterfeiting, Fastroll Labels offers pharmaceutical companies security solutions that require no visible markings, no additional consumables, no special reading devices, and no changes to the production process. Our solution tracks pharmaceuticals throughout the supply chain and to ensure the consumers receive an authentic product. Easy integration with QR Code labels opens up a window to re-engage with customers after-sales!

Wine & Spirits

Counterfeit alcoholic beverages are a growing problem for brand owners and consumers. To fight against the rise of wine and liquor fraud, Fastroll offers the wine and spirits industry labeling solutions that requires no changes to the production process and current packaging. By using our integrated labels and points redemption systems, loyal customers can scan QR Code for rewards redemption and win lucky draw!

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