Customize Label Sticker

Personalized Labels Stickers

An opportunity for you to Personalized Labels Stickers with your needs.

Our custom labels come in sheet or roll form. Today’s stickers turn out to be one of the most versatile marketing tools out there. It could be used for pushing brand image, giving information or making the sale. We do offer various and sundry stickers with custom sizes, custom design and choices of material. We also offer a variety of finishing that would protect your stickers, remove lighting reflection or create an elegant look on your stickers.

Fastroll Labels has been working with the world’s most sophisticated business on their branding. From food & beverages to household products, electronics and automotive industry. Fastroll Labels have well served these industries in bringing the best of their brand via custom label printing.


Expertise Team
You’ll be able talk to a live, friendly label expert whenever you call.
We turn your illustrator and design to the perfect packaging product in 5 working days.
In-House Designer
We have our own designer who is able to help you check your artwork & adjustment.
Multi Versioned Print Run
Multi Versioned Print Run
With our new printing technology, we can print multi version labels in one time and short run.
Engage with our professional sales consultation now. Let us help you to grow your product branding.
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