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Fastroll Labels (M) Sdn. Bhd. has been in Business since 1997 to design and manufacture a wide variety of labels and stickers for practically any market you can think of. At Fastroll Labels, we don’t view labels as just something we print and sell – We see them as the means for helping your business grow.

We have been working with the world’s most sophisticated business on their branding. From food & beverages to household products, electronics and automotive industry. Fastroll Labels have well served these industries in bringing the best of their brand via label printing.

Our facilities have greatly expanded over the years but our dedication to customers has remained the same since 1997. We are dedicated to providing premium quality labels for your branding solutions.


To Strengthen “Brand” By Creating a Connecting Between Its Packaging and User.


To Continuous Advancing Our Packaging Technology.

To Create Value for Shareholders, Partners, Customers and Employees with Utmost Passion & Love.

To Attact & Attain Customers with High Value Products, Services & The Most Satisfying Experience in our Industry.

Words from the Founder

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. My name is Ben See, the founder and general manager for Fastroll Labels (M) Sdn. Bhd.
I vividly remember the day I took my leap of faith in starting Fastroll Labels in 1997. I bought my first printing machine and learned how to operate it. During the day time, I was doing sales to recruit more orders; At night, I was operating the machine to fulfil customer orders.
Fast forward to 2020, I’m grateful that Fastroll Labels has established its brand in the business of designing and manufacturing a wide variety of sticker labels, shrink sleeve and flexible packaging for most markets. We have grown from one machine to around 20 printing and finishing machines that cater to the market packaging needs. Our team are all experts when it comes to recommending the best printing solution for your product.

In my view, printing is a dynamic industry that requires constant technology upgrade. Every year, we made a commitment to upgrade some new machine or new software to make our processes smoother and easier to operate. We constantly update ourselves with the latest printing technology to serve our customer the best, giving them the value they deserve for their product.

Thank you.

Company Core Values

  • Be Humble And Respect Each Other
    We work in a working place with different races but we humble & respect each other’s culture.
  • Sincere And Honesty
    We share useful and correct information with you and advise you the best solution.
  • Dependable And Reliable
    Our team is responsible for their role, we will make sure to complete the task on hand.
  • Commit With Action
    We do not compromise our quality but strive for better efficiency and excellence.
  • Open Mind To Change And Improve
    We will keep ourselves improving with marketing trends and technology.
  • Team Work
    Our team is like our family, we reward success for achieving greater results.
  • Share Knowledge And Learning
    Our team will always organize training and learn with each other to keep growing.
  • Customer Priority
    We will assist you along the way to great branding success.
  • Care For Our Environment
    Our company practices recycling material & maximise the usage of material.
  • Give Back To Community Our
    Our team actively participates in social responsible activities such as Tzu Chi.

Awards and Recognition

Quality Policy

Fastroll Labels (M) Sdn. Bhd. is committed to comply with our valued customers, applicable to Statutory, Regulatory and Legal requirements in Manufacture and Sales of Packaging Labels and Stickers.

Fastroll Labels (M) Sdn. Bhd. strives to establish a qualitative mindset among all employees to create excellent products and services, inspire customer value and enhance loyalty. We achieve lasting success through SWOT analysis, addressing RISK & OPPORTUNITY, open communication, teamwork, consistent pursuit of Eco friendly and continuous examination of our goals to support our strategic direction.

We are entirely dedicated and strive towards continuous improvement to ensure the effectiveness of Fastroll Labels (M) Sdn. Bhd. Quality Management Systems at all times.


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